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When To Call Maintenance In Your West Lafayette Apartment

October 08, 2020

Apartment building in West Lafayette 

Whether you rent a studio apartment, one-bedroom unit, or a larger apartment, chances are it won’t be long before you need a repair done. But, do you know when to call maintenance in your West Lafayette apartment?

Without question, significant problems, like roof leaks and heating, need to be reported, but what about those minor annoyances? Should you report lighting outages or carpet damage? Is it smart to try and fix items yourself? 

Request Service For Your West Lafayette Apartment When Faced With These Problems

Minor bathroom sink repair.

If you find a major problem – particularly something structural -- it's typically included in your tenant agreement. Here are the most frequently seen difficulties a renter might encounter:

  • Water damage and leaks: If you see a leak from the apartment above or you experience an overflowing toilet or appliance that may cause water damage within your unit, notify maintenance immediately.

  • Heating and cooling problems: In the event your air conditioner crashes, or your heat won't turn on, go ahead and call maintenance. Even when it’s nice out, your HVAC should be fully functional.

  • Plumbing leaks and clogs: When the toilet is clogged, attempt to clear it with your plunger. If that doesn't work, call for help. You should also request service for sink or shower drips.

  • Insects and unwanted guests: Some pests can get into your apartment by hitching a ride on your shoes or your furry friend. But if you encounter any troublesome critters -- like ants, mice, or wasps – it's the perfect time for your property manager to contact an exterminator.

  • Appliance breakdowns: If your freezer won't cool or your stove no longer heats, you need to make the call. All appliances that came with your apartment are usually covered, but anything you brought with you – a microwave, toaster oven, mini fridge – is up to you to repair or replace.

  • Door and window damage: Your entry and sliding patio doors should close and lock properly. If damage or swelling stops them from closing easily, they need to be replaced for safety reasons. Windows should have the same expectations.

  • Wall and flooring concerns: If you spot a hole in the wall or a chipped tile, contact the maintenance team. Worn or fraying carpet might need replacing, especially if it exposes a carpet tack.


What Can You Repair?

Furnace filter being changed.

Not every problem merits a call for help. While some property management companies offer aid with lightbulbs, smoke detector batteries, and filters, it may not always be convenient to arrange for a maintenance request for low-stress tasks. These are some everyday undertakings that you could do yourself:
  • Lighting: When lights burn out, they could easily be exchanged at your leisure. But keep in mind, if your light seems to churn through light bulbs, you may want maintenance to check if you have electrical problems. Be sure to inquire if maintenance supplies light bulbs in the event they need to be replaced as special bulbs are at times required.

  • Clogged pipes and toilets: If the toilet stops flushing properly, use a plunger first. You might also require some drain cleaning product to remove the hair from the pipe. For snaking or leaks, touch base with maintenance to avoid damaging the pipes.

  • HVAC filters: Unless noted in the rental contract, you're on the hook to replace the filter in your HVAC system. A dirty filter will restrict airflow and impact your apartment’s comfort. If you no longer see light through the filter, it's time for a replacement. Your maintenance team may be willing to replace filters for you, so check with them first.

  • Regular Cleaning: Regrettably, cleaning your West Lafayette apartment is a job for you. And that includes your interior rooms and outdoor patio or balcony areas.


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