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What You Should Know About Your Apartment Swimming Pool In West Lafayette

September 14, 2021
family in a pool

Nothing looks more pleasant than a shining blue pool on a sweltering summer afternoon. If you’re fortunate enough to rent in an apartment community in West Lafayette that possesses this wonderful addition, you ought to make the most of every trip. To make the utmost of every pool experience, here are the best tips to remember for your apartment swimming pool in West Lafayette.

A Swimming Pool Does Liven Up Your Apartment Living Experience

Lake side pool on a sunny day.

A pristine pool can make staying in your West Lafayette apartment community even more convenient. If you like swimming or reading poolside, you can go any time during pool hours. Forge relationships with neighbors by the water. Swimming is an excellent exercise if you’re trying to drop some weight or stay in shape. And that bright clean water benefits your neighborhood’s visual charm.

Don’t Forget Your Pool Pass

Summer hat and key card on a deck floor.

Ensure you have your method to get into the pool before donning your new swimwear!. Nearly all apartment complexes give out a pool pass, code, or door key to community members. This ensures only tenants and a handful of of their friends can access the pool, not just anyone. So when you want to swim this summer, stop by the main office at the beginning of the pool season. Always remember, please refrain from sharing your pool code with unauthorized guests and non-Residents.

The Pool Is Better With These Things

Avoid having to take trips back and forth to your unit, remember to tuck these necessities in a hand bag or backpack. Reference this quick list of necessities for your West Lafayette apartment swimming pool:

  • Fluffy beach towel
  • Swimming goggles
  • Water tumbler -- no glass please!
  • Waterproof sunscreen
  • Sunglasses
  • Comfortable sandals

Leave valuables like a purse, wallets, watches, and necklaces at at your abode. But it’s impractical going to the pool without your phone. If you do pack it, try to hide it under your bag when you take a dip in the waves. This serves to both safeguard your device from prying eyes and ensure you don’t forget it when you leave.

Your West Lafayette Apartment Swimming Pool Has Rules For Your Benefit

Pool rules don’t exist to stop your day. Apartment communities have rules about pool attire, food and drinks, running and horseplay, substance use, pool capacity, weather closures, and and others. These rules are to support you, other guests, and pool furnishings. If they weren’t there, someone could experience serious injury.

And don’t forget the unspoken rules of common courtesy. Playing loud music, taking all the chairs, and tossing trashing everywhere will annoy fellow pool-goers. Be accommodating and adhere to the rules so every pool-goer can have a pleasant time swimming this summer.

You Are Responsible For Your Personal Health And Safety

Up close shot of the pool's no diving sign.

The majority of apartment communities do not hire lifeguards. A couple of places staff lifeguards, but ultimately, you’re still the one has to look out for your safety. Typically, you will probably see a posted announcement that apartment management is not responsible for accidents, injuries, or theft.

Staying safe is biggest priority for each trip to the pool.. So wear appropriate amounts of sunscreen. Stay hydrated. Dress in proper footwear outside of the pool. Don’t swim with a fresh wound. Know your limits as a swimmer. And leave valuables at home. Some communities allow you access to lockers, sunscreen, water bottles and more pool essentials during those hot days you spend by the pool.

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