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Should I Get A One-Bedroom Or Two-Bedroom Apartment In West Lafayette?

September 18, 2020

Model Balcony Patio

Whether you’re finding a place fresh out of college, are downsizing later in life, or at a space in between, you have to make a decision. Do you lease a one-bedroom or a two-bedroom apartment in West Lafayette? How you make the choice that’s best for you depends on a few things.

What’s Your Price Point?

Some people may want a second bedroom, but can you bear the added rent compared to a one-bedroom apartment in West Lafayette? The added room might be nice, but if plan on using it for storage, you might want a detached garage instead.

The cost isn’t just about your monthly rent. You might pay more in utility bills With more space to keep up. 

How Will You Handle Your Stuff?

Model bedroom in a West Lafayette apartment.

As you’re choosing between a one-bedroom apartment or a two-bedroom apartment, you should plan for all the stuff you own. If you own a lot of furniture pieces, the extra space may sound great. If anything, a separate room may be the perfect spot for off-season clothes or those collectibles you’re looking to show off. When you only have one bedroom, your decision on what’s essential is harder, and you’ll have to choose which things to give to a friend, sell, or throw away.

A Spare Bedroom May Mean Visitors

Model bedroom in a West Lafayette apartment.

If you have visiting friends or family, it's convenient for them to sleep in a bedroom rather than on your pull-out couch. Out-of-state family or friends who stay over can enjoy a comfortable place they can stretch out with the spare bedroom. (Of course, a one-bedroom might convince out-of-town guests to get a room at a hotel). If anything, you can use the second room for a dog crate or cat palace.

Larger Space For Entertaining

Living room in model apartment.

Getting back to your friends: Are you known for entertaining? It can be trickier to comfortably accommodate bigger groups in a one-bedroom apartment in West Lafayette than in a larger space. You may even be able to convert the second bedroom into an enviable gaming room. 

Turn The Extra Bedroom Into A Home Office

Home office in a West Lafayette apartment.

When choosing between a one-bedroom apartment or a two-bedroom apartment in West Lafayette, the deciding factor may be finding a space to work. Home offices are getting to be very popular, and it’s helpful when you don’t have to have your computer and documents so they’re covering the living room coffee table. You can get a nice futon or couch for visitors and use the second bedroom for a workspace. When your workday is over, just shut the door with your work stuff on your desk and you’re prepared for tomorrow.

An Apartment Visit To The Ivy Can Help You Choose Between A One Bedroom Or Two-bedroom Apartment In West Lafayette

Deciding between a one-bedroom or two-bedroom apartment in West Lafayette is a tough call. You may not know what an apartment is like without taking a tour. Call The Ivy Towns and Flats at 765-300-4521 to schedule a visit or you can set up a tour online.